Ice B' Gone Magic

Ice Removal Made Easy With Ice B' Gone Magic

Find the perfect solutions for all your ice removal needs! At JT Lawn Services & Landscaping, we provide Ice B' Gone Magic products to help make the process easier for you. Ice B' Gone Magic is a fast ice removal product that is sold in bulk 50 lb bags & 5 gallon pales and works to -34°F. Ice B' Gone Liquid Magic is for commercial use only; is sold by the tank and works up to -45.

Benefits of Choosing Ice B' Gone Magic Liquid

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Eliminates black ice
  • Neutralizes rust
  • Melts ice faster
  • Long-lasting results
  • Makes salt more eco-friendly
  • Less corrosive when compared to distilled water
  • Keeps snow and ice from bonding to the frozen surfaces
  • Safe for concrete parking structures
  • We are the only dealer of Ice Be Gone Magic in North Dakota & Western Minnesota. 

Learn More About Ice B' Gone Magic Products

The use of IBG Magic Liquid and its residual effect prevents snow and ice from bonding to paved surfaces. Twice as much ordinary rock salt and three times as much (or more) sand / salt mix (60/40) is required to equal IBG Magic Granular. These reductions in the quantity makeup for the premium price of IBG Magic Granular.

Bulk IBG Magic Granular prices are typically 30% to 40% more than ordinary rock salt, although only half as much is required. They usually cost about twice as much as decent sand / salt mix, but only one third as much is needed to produce the same effect.
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